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A little bit of magic.

Strategy Lab

More than an idea, an approach

A campaign, no matter how original, if the result is not there, you will not come back for more.

So we review with you beforehand what is question, how the answer should delight you and your audience and how your organisation can support this campaign. So we think with you process-wise and make sure you are served on time and within budget. Of course, we can also negotiate an online or offline campaign for you.

With us, no meetings but workshops because nothing beats a well-informed client who actively contributes with his entire team. You hear it no external campaign without an internal one.

We analyse, research and come up with a creative, well-founded communicative approach that does not just produce pretty pictures but a strategy that includes music and measurable results. Our Studio IdeaReal takes care of the perfect execution.


Campaign strategy
Audience analysis
Creative approach
Digital strategy

Brand identity
Layout design

Studio IdeaReal

When all your creative idea needs is a dedicated executor

Sometimes it is so simple and you already have everything ready, texts, images but all you need is a graphic artist, photographer, videast or event planner, we are at your service whatever the question may be.

From a new logo to a complete house style, a brochure in Braille, a website in WordPress or Drupal with or without accessibility label (e.g. Anysurfer Label), an e-mailing, a photo shoot, an annual report in 8 languages, a series of illustrations, the design of a magazine or newspaper, a workshop, a radio or television commercial, a staff party, an (online) training course, indoor or outdoor signage, an advertisement and even the media purchase, billboard, T-shirts, street events, etc.

Our strengths: years of experience, proficient in Design Thinking, reliability and a good set of ears to listen to your briefing.


Digital First

A digital approach with an eye for the person behind the 0 and the 1

Our cross-media approach is driven by the goal you put first. We think along with you because a profile and a KPI no longer suffice. Together with you, we dive into your processes and ensure the right Call to Action, interim and final reports ensure that every euro cent results in results and insight.

Our webmasters guide you from the desire for a website in Drupal or WordPress to a complete digital communication arsenal in which you develop completely autonomously or in which we remain your reliable sidekick, 7/7. You can even come to us for an Any Surfer Label, which officialises the accessibility of your website.

Call to action
Anysurfer Label
Web accessibility
E-mail marketing